Welcome to Phoenician Farm

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Gemma at horse show on  Heavens Ridge Finley O'Shea

Students winning at 4 Reel Horse Show


Horse only in training: 4 Professional rides per week.

Horse and Rider in training: 2 lessons and 2 professional rides per week. 

Turn-out at your facility or location

Lodging at your facility or location

Feeding of supplements (supplied by owner)

Reduced Horse Show fees



Private Lesson: (45 Minutes)     

Private Lesson for riders 8 and under: (30 Minutes)     

Group Lesson: (60 Minutes)      

We offer a lesson package which includes 5 Lessons:    

Call for more information about a package designed especially for you.

Head  Trainer Meghan Martin

Meghan Schooling child

Student winning at 4 Reel Horse Show

Meghan Schooling Ben (Carols horse) at Carefree Farms Horse Show Carol's horse

Gemma 1st Place with Heavens' Ridge Finley O'Shea


Stacey during lesson