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Gemma at horse show on  Heavens Ridge Finley O'Shea


Meghan and DM Indy in Flagstaff 2017.


Meghan Schooling child

Student winning at 4 Reel Horse Show

Desiree at 4 Reel Horse show on Lyza - Reserve Champion

Meghan Schooling Ben (Carols horse) at Carefree Farms Horse Show Carol's horse

Desiree and Dominic Dressage California 2016

Gemma 1st Place with Heavens' Ridge Finley O'Shea


Students winning at 4 Reel Horse Show

Stacey during lesson


Horse only in training: 4 Professional rides per week.

Horse and Rider in training: 2 lessons and 2 professional rides per week. 

Turn-out at your facility or location

Lodging at your facility or location

Feeding of supplements (supplied by owner)

Reduced Horse Show fees


Private Lesson: (45 Minutes)     

Private Lesson for riders 8 and under: (30 Minutes)     

Group Lesson: (60 Minutes)      

We offer a lesson package which includes 5 Lessons:    

Call for more information about a package designed especially for you.

Head  Trainer Meghan Martin