Welcome to Phoenician Farm

Getting Zeno ready for Dressage.

Stadium Jumping

Zeno and Puddy - true photo of horse showing

Zeno getting inspected before ride

Icing Zeno after a tough day.


Phoenician Farm - Trainer Meghan Martin has been a competitor in the Retired Racehorse project the past three years. In 2015, Meghan found a diamond in the rough a beautiful Chestnut gelding whom she named Zeno. Meghan worked with Zeno to provide him a new life in another discipline and in 2015 Zeno and Meghan competed in Lexington Kentucky in October of 2015. Owner Bobby Zambito was very excited to have a OTTB reach the next level. In 2017 Bobby and Meghan had to say goodbye to Zeno due to health reasons. He is forever the DIAMOND in everyone's heart who had the pleasure of meeting this remarkable horse.

Megan, Puddy, Meghan, Christine, Desiree Phoenician Farm Team 2015.

Zeno's arrival - owner Bobby Zambito and  Phoenician Farms trainer Meghan Martin ready for the challenge

Zeno the Diamond he became.