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Let me take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little more about Phoenician Farm. My name is Meghan Martin, and I am the Head Trainer and Owner of Phoenician Farm. I have been riding for over 30 years and have enjoyed competing at a high level in a number of disciplines, including: jumpers, hunters, eventing and dressage. I have been a professional trainer for riders of all ages for over 19 years. During my career, I have trained horses that have qualified for the Olympics as well as receiving many victories in Top Level competitions.

Many of the horses I have trained have either come of the racetrack or auction houses. When a new horse comes to the Farm, they often need to gain weight, get on a regular showing program in addition to other medical care. We take great pride in taking care of our horses at all times. I acclimate the horses into a routine with trust and we work together to define the discipline that will become their new career. *Please refer to the Retired Race Horse Project tab on my site.

I have noticed during my years as a trainer that a lot of instruction that is given to novice riders is lacking. There is always a better way and learning a new skill the right way form the beginning will really make the whole process more enjoyable for the horse and rider. When I communicate riding skills, I focus on a centered riding approach, with a balanced seat, independent aids and the ability to use subtle cues. Not every horse and rider learn and develop the same way, so I look for different ways, aids and my approach when training to bring consistency to the horse and rider in learning various riding disciplines.

When I train, I observe and try to understand the horse's behavior and what is driving them to do what they do. I believe that both the horses and people learn best through positive reinforcement. Training is not something that can be wrapped up in a 1,2,3 methodology. for me, training is about listening to each individual horse, observing the rider and discovering what that horse and rider need in that moment and shape the two into a working team from which they can achieve their goals and affirm their relationship.

I welcome an opportunity to meet you and work with you to achieve your vision and goals as an equestrian.

​                                              Meghan

Carol Hensell writes: With Meghan's patience, extraordinary knowledge and outstanding horsemanship skills, she has my horse (a rescue) wanting to 'work' all the time. Through her outstanding training, she has brought him along from basically an unknown background in Western riding to a competing in English discipline in local schooling shows. Did I say, she 'tuning' up my riding as well? This is where you see her patience at it most utmost! Additionally, Meghan does phenomenal work with  the Retired Race Horse Project (RRP). She has an uncanny ability to find jewels in the most questionable looking horses. Her compassion, perseverance, and understanding are amazing with these animals as she offers them another skill such as Show-Jumping, Eventing or Dressage.

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